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Releases are available from the Rio project site.

License and Dependencies

Rio is distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Rio is distributed with dependencies. Dependencies are additional software required for running Rio. Note that each of these libraries is subject to the respective license; check the respective project distribution/website before using any of them in your own environment.

Once you've downloaded a release, you can check it for authenticity. The MD5 link is an MD5 checksum file, used to ensure that the file downloaded properly.

Download Rio 5.6.6

Rio 5.6.6 is a new release, and is a recommended update.

Link Size Signature Date
Rio 5.6.6 (zip) Download 26.3 MB MD5 12/2015

Rio Installer

The Rio Installer is a Java installer that installs Rio, and allows to select which parts you'd like to install. For Windows users, it also adds some useful shortcuts in the Windows menu. Download Rio 5.6.6 using the installer

Previous Releases

Link Size Signature Date
Rio 5.1 (zip) Download 26.7 MB MD5 12/2014
Rio 5.0 (zip) Download 26.7 MB MD5 12/2014
Rio 4.2 (zip) Download 18 MB MD5 4/2011
Rio 4.1 (zip) Download 18 MB MD5 12/2010
Rio 4.0 (zip) Download 17.6 MB MD5 12/2010
Rio 3.2 (zip) Download 4.2 MB 2/2010

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Version: 5.6.6. Last Published: 2018-10-25.