Rio Dynamic Distributed Services

Dynamic framework for developing, deploying and managing distributed systems composed of Java services.


Rio is an open source technology that provides a dynamic framework for developing, deploying and managing distributed systems composed of services. Rio turns a network of compute resources into a dynamic service, providing a policy based approach for fault detection and recovery, scalability and dynamic deployment. Key to the architecture are a set of dynamic capabilities and reliance on policy-based and SLA mechanisms. Developing services for use with Rio is simple. Rio provides a non-intrusive model that removes the complexity surrounding service development and deployment. Build your services using Maven and deploy using service artifacts.

    Key features include:
  • Dynamic architecture for distributed systems
  • Built-in fault detection and recovery for your services
  • Policy based SLA enforcement
  • Support for external systems, encapsulate the control and monitoring of other frameworks
  • Built-in support for Maven artifact resolution at deploy time
  • Extensible service development & deployment support:
    • POJOs
    • Spring
    • Maven based artifact resolution
  • Integration with Drools for rules based SLA Management


  • Service tutorial
    Learn how to create a project, develop and run a service in just a few minutes.
  • Service Exec tutorial
    Learn how to use the ServiceExec framework to start and control a Tomcat instance.
  • SLA Rules tutorial
    Learn how to use Drools and the Gnostic service for rule based SLA Management.

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